Techniques and technologies for Data Leak Protection (DLP): Systematic Review and Analysis

In the framework of the project “Technologies for the security of digital relationships in a hyperconnected world (Secureworld)”, a scientific article entitled: “Techniques and technologies for Data Leak Protection (DLP): Systematic Review and Analysis” has been written. This article has been sent to an impact journal indexed in the Journal Citation Report, in which it is in the revision phase.

The purpose of the paper is to analyze and review the state of the art regarding techniques and technologies for Data Leak Protection (DLP). It shows an overview of commercial DLP software on the market and evaluates Watchdox,  Sealpath and DRMsoft as solutions to an internal threat. A review was carried out in scientific databases applying a prism methodology for the selection of relevant papers. It resulted in a total of 35 papers of which 51% of them focused on internal threats and 49% on external threats. In the results obtained, it is observed that between 2017 and 2020, 57% of the relevant papers for this study were found. An overview of 15 commercial tools is shown, 8 of them developed for HDD encryption and 7 for DLP. The most used technique in DLP tools with more than 40% utilization, both in internal and external threat papers, is encryption. It was concluded that DLP-oriented technologies suffer from deficiencies for the protection of the internal threat, not being the case for the external threats since it can be fought with tools, firewalls, cryptography, etc.