The relevance of cybersecurity in DTV

During the coronavirus pandemic, the teleworking regimes, distance learning, interpersonal communication, and teleconferencing have changed cyberspace. The EU is taking strong action to strengthen cybersecurity capacities: it will update legislation in the area of cybersecurity, with a new Cybersecurity Strategy coming up by the end of 2020, as well as in raising awareness about new cyber threats and trends through the annual Cybersecurity Month campaign.

Cybersecurity has never been more important for M&E and telecommunications companies. 

During this International Cybersecurity Day, we want to raise awareness among individuals and businesses about the importance of data privacy and security for DTV.

Consumers still fear identity theft, financial loss, and unauthorized use of sensitive data, largely because many have experienced these threats directly at some point. As a result, consumers are increasingly demanding the same level of control over their personal data that they enjoy in crafting their home entertainment experience.

M&E and telecommunications firms should work hard to create digital environments where people feel safe and in which brands are comfortable advertising. Several platforms are now using AI, blockchain, and other cybersecurity solutions, in conjunction with experts to weed out spam and other offensive content.

And here it comes the SecureWorld Project main objective, that is to strengthen data privacy and cybersecurity.