A consortium of technology companies committed to information security.


The so-called Data Economy is characterized by an ecosystem where market agents can extract value and support new business models by operating on large amounts of data and metadata generated in digital relationships between different entities. The challenge that needs to be tackled so that such an economy be “healthy” is to provide an environment in which these relations are carried out securely to ensure the collection, processing and exploitation of the data under conditions of security, trust and confidentiality.

In this context, SecureWorld has the objective of researching in technologies of cybersecurity, privacy, data governance, and training of all actors in the data value chain, including end-users, to meet the challenges of Spanish companies in the digital business with regards to securing relations in a hyperconnected world and an economy based on data while considering the ongoing digital transformation trends and regulatory requirements.

 Five prominent companies in the sector of Information and Communications Technologies: Nokia, Ibermatica, ITS Security, Izertis, and Optiva Media, together with two public research organizations: Tecnalia and Universidad de Valladolid, have joined forces to address the challenges of generating an ecosystem that allows developing digital relationships in a secure environment.